Affirmations Galore

Affirmations to go nuts by! Affirmations are said to help manifest everything. But do they really work outside our own head? I put it to the test. The internet is full of various techniques to manifest stuff via affirmations, like the 555 Technique, or just any sort of repeated affirmations that makes your subconscious change … Continue reading Affirmations Galore


Reflections & OBE Stories

Some Reflections and my Out of Body Experiences. I've had some strange experiences while leaving my body. A lot have occured this past year, since I lost my beloved kitty, as I've attempted to join him. But is it just wishful thinking? A figment of my imagination? And is the only thing separating an NDE … Continue reading Reflections & OBE Stories

The End

It is over It seems that it has come to the end of my project. There is no use in continuing anymore. These past few weeks have been very stressful for me. It seems that life just won't let me relax and focusing on manifesting something better, it just wants me to feel bad and … Continue reading The End